All Deepak Kaw wants you to know about him is that he is a designer by profession and a photography enthusiast. You can also find his photographs here. Need I add, that he also does not like to talk about himself?

Susy is a manic gardner, artist, photographer who loves nothing more than to walk down the sunny streets of Oaxaca Mexico, drink mezcalinis with Mathangi, and lose herself in Mexican markets. She loves food too. You can also find her here.

Madhu prides herself on her ability to estimate both time and space, and shuns all devices that measure either. She loves arguments, comedy sketches, and "healthy food that is easy to make and awesome to eat". She has an eye for detail, a green thumb, and two left feet. She is also an illustrator.

Arshiya Bose has oddly decided that a PhD is the best way to resolve her existential crisis and she is currently registered at Cambridge University. While she fathoms the consequences of her decision, she is researching the human ecology of Konkan and Spiti Valley landscapes (India). But she loves her dog most! She also blogs here.

Yashoda Joshi pontificates loudly as she tries to discover the ways of the world. She is an architect, a teacher, a brisk walker, and always knows what to say, even if it won't make you happy. She also declares that she is cheerful, happy, positive, and smart. In other words, she is "an awesome person". And she is.

Mathangi Krishnamurthy is an anthropologist, and currently teaches at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Madras, India. She moderates, and writes on this blog. Offically, she researches, and writes about the cultural dynamics, political economy, and everyday practices of Indian call centers.